About us


Nhà hàng Món Huế

Our Famous Brand Our Hue is a local eatery, providing healthy Vietnamese food and royal flavors, often referred to as Hue cuisine. We serve dishes using our traditional secrets recipes. The outstanding strengths are taste, food safety and direct food supply, helping Hue more than 62 different dishes at affordable prices, satisfy different tastes of all customers and Encourage customers to visit regularly.

More than 80 restaurants in Hue are open from 6am to 22pm, with locations populated by high population density throughout Ho Chi Minh City, such as commercial areas, Shopping centers, apartment complexes and schools. The restaurants are spacious with an average area of 200 square meters, creating the perfect space for catering needs of target customers, namely middle-class families, office workers and students.

For customers who are sometimes too busy to enjoy at Hue Dishes, we offer fast, professional delivery service.

Thanks to our customers' enthusiasm and affection for Hue, we hope to increase the number of Hue restaurants from over 90 in 2017 and higher in the near future.