Video of Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano electrocuted

In a harrowing incident that unfolded in Northwest Mexico, a Texas man tragically lost his life due to electrocution while soaking in a hot tub at a resort. His wife sustained injuries in the same incident. The distressing event occurred on the evening of Tuesday at around 8:30 p.m., casting a shadow over the serene setting of the Sonoran Sea Resort in Puerto Peñasco. Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano, the couple involved, aged 43 and 35 respectively, had traveled from their home in El Paso, Texas, seeking a leisurely retreat.

As they enjoyed the resort’s amenities, an unforeseen electrical discharge in the jacuzzi turned their peaceful getaway into a nightmare. The incident not only resulted in a fatality and critical injuries but also sparked a wave of concern regarding safety standards at vacation spots frequented by tourists. This tragedy has brought forth questions about the electrical safety of such facilities and the measures in place to prevent such devastating accidents.

The local authorities were promptly alerted and the scene quickly became one of chaos and rescue efforts. The resort responded to the catastrophe by shutting down all hot tub facilities to prevent further mishaps. Meanwhile, the state attorney general’s office has initiated a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of Guillen’s death and the source of the electric discharge, ensuring that such a grievous loss is comprehensively addressed and future tragedies are averted.

EventElectrocution incident in Northwest Mexico
LocationSonoran Sea Resort, Puerto Peñasco
VictimsJorge Guillen (deceased), Lizette Zambrano (injured)
Date & TimeEvening of Tuesday at around 8:30 p.m.
DetailsElectrical discharge in a hot tub resulted in one fatality and one injury
ResponseResort shut down all hot tub facilities; state attorney general’s office investigating
Concerns RaisedSafety standards at tourist resorts, especially electrical safety of facilities

Background on the Victims

Jorge Guillen, aged 43, and his wife, Lizette Zambrano, aged 35, were residents of El Paso, Texas. The couple was well-known in their community for their warmth and sociability. Friends and neighbors often described Jorge as a man with a “heart of gold,” always ready to lend a hand or an ear to those in need. Lizette, on the other hand, was known for her vibrant personality and her dedication as a healthcare professional in their local community. Together, they shared a love that was deeply rooted in mutual respect and affection, making them a beloved pair among their acquaintances.

Seeking a brief escape from their daily routines, Jorge and Lizette decided to travel to Sonora, Mexico, a popular destination known for its stunning coastlines and luxurious resort offerings. Their destination, the Sonoran Sea Resort in Puerto Peñasco, promised a serene getaway with picturesque views of the Gulf of California. It was supposed to be a relaxing retreat from the bustle of their everyday lives.

NamesJorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano
Ages43 and 35 respectively
ResidenceEl Paso, Texas
Community ReputationJorge: “Heart of gold”, helpful; Lizette: Vibrant, dedicated healthcare professional
RelationshipMutual respect and affection, beloved in community
DestinationSonoran Sea Resort, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico
Purpose of TravelRelaxing retreat from daily routines, serene getaway
Location AppealStunning coastlines, luxurious resort offerings, views of the Gulf of California

Details of the Incident and Video

The tragic incident unfolded on a Tuesday evening around 8:30 p.m., while the couple was enjoying the hot tub facilities at the Sonoran Sea Resort. What was meant to be a moment of leisure turned perilous when an unexpected electric discharge surged through the jacuzzi. The resort, a place frequented by tourists for its reputed service and amenities, suddenly became the scene of a life-threatening situation.

Video of Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano being electrocuted to death

As Jorge and Lizette were relaxing in the hot tub, they were struck by an electric shock that rendered them helpless. The electricity in the water made it extremely dangerous for anyone to attempt a rescue without risking their own life. According to witness accounts reported by Telemundo, several bystanders quickly gathered around the hot tub in an attempt to help. Frantic efforts were made to rescue the couple, but the persistent electrical current in the water hindered those attempts. One witness, in a desperate bid to pull the couple from the water, was herself shocked as she reached into the jacuzzi.

The atmosphere around the scene was chaotic, marked by screams and calls for help. Videos posted on social media captured the distressing aftermath as witnesses screamed and others continued to attempt rescue efforts. The immediate response from other guests and resort staff highlighted the gravity of the situation and the community’s instinct to aid those in distress.

Emergency services arrived swiftly, but by the time they were able to secure the scene and safely retrieve Jorge and Lizette from the hot tub, Jorge had already been submerged under the water for a critical period. He was pronounced dead at the scene, a devastating outcome of what had begun as a peaceful evening. Lizette was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, fighting for her life after the severe electrocution.

The incident raised immediate concerns about the electrical safety standards at the resort. In response to the tragedy, the resort management shut down all hot tub facilities to prevent further incidents. The local community and tourists alike were left in shock and mourning, questioning how a well-regarded vacation spot could become the site of such a horrifying accident.

The state attorney general’s office took charge of the investigation, seeking to uncover the details of the incident, including the source of the electric discharge and whether this tragic event could have been prevented. As the investigation continues, the impact of Jorge’s death and Lizette’s critical injuries resonate deeply, not only with their family and friends but also within the broader community of El Paso and beyond, reminding all of the unforeseen dangers that can lurk in places of refuge.

Event TimeTuesday evening around 8:30 p.m.
LocationSonoran Sea Resort, hot tub facilities
Incident DescriptionUnexpected electric discharge in the jacuzzi, causing severe electrocution
VictimsJorge Guillen (deceased), Lizette Zambrano (critical condition)
Witness ActionsBystanders attempted rescue; one witness also shocked
ResponseEmergency services arrived, resort shut down all hot tub facilities
AftermathVideos on social media, resort guests and staff distressed
InvestigationState attorney general’s office investigating, focus on electrical safety standards
Community ImpactShock and mourning in local community and among tourists; concerns about safety at vacation spots

Response and Aftermath

In the immediate aftermath of the electrocution incident at the Sonoran Sea Resort, chaos ensued as bystanders and resort staff rushed to assist Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano. Witness reports and social media videos capture a scene of frantic attempts to intervene, despite the dangerous electric current permeating the water. Eyewitnesses, desperate to help, found themselves battling the invisible threat of electrocution as they tried to reach the couple. A courageous woman who attempted to pull the couple from the hot tub was herself shocked, underscoring the perilous nature of the situation.

As the resort staff alerted emergency services, the area around the hot tub was cordoned off to prevent further injuries. Upon their arrival, first responders faced the critical task of ensuring the area was electrically safe before they could attempt any rescue operations. Jorge Guillen, unfortunately, did not survive, having been submerged underwater for an extended period amidst the electrical discharge. His wife, Lizette, was extracted in critical condition and immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical care.

In response to this tragic event, the resort management took swift action by shutting down all hot tub facilities within the complex. This measure was intended to prevent any further such incidents and to allow for a thorough inspection of all related electrical systems. The resort also issued a statement expressing their condolences and affirming their commitment to guest safety, which remains their utmost priority. They pledged full cooperation with the authorities to investigate the incident and to review and enhance their safety protocols.

Initial ResponseChaotic scene with bystanders and resort staff trying to assist; area cordoned off.
ChallengesDangerous electric current in water; bystanders shocked while attempting rescue.
VictimsJorge Guillen (deceased), Lizette Zambrano (critical condition).
Emergency ServicesArrived and secured the area; faced challenges making area safe for rescue.
Resort’s Immediate ActionsShut down all hot tub facilities; issued statement expressing condolences and commitment to safety.
Further MeasuresThorough inspection of electrical systems; pledged to enhance safety protocols.
CommunicationResort pledged full cooperation with authorities for the investigation.


The seriousness of the incident prompted the involvement of the state attorney general’s office, reflecting the gravity and potential legal implications of what had occurred. The primary objectives of the investigation launched by the attorney general were twofold: firstly, to determine the official cause of Jorge Guillen’s death, and secondly, to identify the source of the electrical discharge that led to the fatal event.

Forensic experts and electrical engineers were brought in to examine the hot tub’s wiring and electrical supply. The investigation aimed to uncover whether the electrocution was a result of faulty installation, poor maintenance, or if it was a freak accident caused by unforeseen circumstances. Authorities were also reviewing resort compliance with local and national safety regulations to ascertain if any negligence contributed to the tragedy.

As the community and the victims’ family awaited answers, the state attorney general assured the public that no stone would be left unturned in seeking justice and clarity. The investigation’s outcomes are expected to have significant implications not only for the resort but also for the standards of electrical safety in similar establishments across the region.

In parallel to the official inquiry, the incident sparked a broader discussion about safety in resort facilities, particularly those offering aquatic entertainment. Advocates for consumer safety began calling for more stringent enforcement of existing regulations and for new measures to ensure such tragedies are not repeated. The resort’s immediate response, though necessary, was seen as only a first step in addressing the broader safety concerns that the tragic event had highlighted.

The aftermath of the electrocution at the Sonoran Sea Resort has been a period of mourning, reflection, and a call to action to prevent future occurrences. The community, the victims’ families, and authorities continue to navigate the complex emotional and legal ramifications as they seek to find closure and justice for Jorge Guillen and provide support for Lizette Zambrano in her recovery.

Investigative BodyState attorney general’s office
Investigation ObjectivesDetermine cause of Jorge Guillen’s death and source of electrical discharge
Investigation TeamForensic experts and electrical engineers
Potential CausesExamining if electrocution was due to faulty installation, poor maintenance, or unforeseen circumstances
Safety Compliance ReviewReviewing resort’s compliance with safety regulations to ascertain negligence
Public AssuranceState attorney general assures thorough investigation and justice
Broader ImpactExpected implications for resort and regional electrical safety standards
Safety AdvocacyCalls for stricter safety regulation enforcement and new measures in resort facilities
Emotional and Legal AftermathPeriod of mourning, reflection, and action; community seeks closure and justice for victims

Community Support

In the wake of the tragic electrocution incident that claimed the life of Jorge Guillen and left his wife, Lizette Zambrano, in critical condition, the community both locally and internationally has rallied in a tremendous display of solidarity and support. Recognizing the sudden financial and emotional strain placed on the family, close friends and relatives initiated a GoFundMe campaign aimed at covering the funeral costs for Jorge and the medical expenses for Lizette, who was battling life-threatening injuries.

The GoFundMe page was established shortly after the incident, with a heartfelt appeal to the public for support. The description on the page highlighted the unexpected nature of the tragedy and the financial burden imposed on the family by both funeral and medical costs. The community’s response was swift and generous, reflecting the high regard in which the couple was held. Within just a few days, the fundraiser had amassed over $30,000, a testament to the widespread empathy and willingness to help among those touched by the family’s plight.

Support came from diverse quarters, including friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers moved by the family’s story. Many donors left messages of condolence, shared memories of Jorge, and expressed hopes for Lizette’s recovery. The overwhelming response not only provided financial relief but also a sense of communal solidarity in a moment of profound loss and suffering.

EventTragic electrocution incident involving Jorge Guillen and Lizette Zambrano
Community ResponseInitiation of a GoFundMe campaign for funeral and medical expenses
GoFundMe LaunchEstablished shortly after the incident with a heartfelt appeal
Fundraising GoalSupport for funeral costs and Lizette’s critical medical expenses
DonationsAmassed over $30,000 in just a few days
SupportersFriends, family, colleagues, and strangers
Community ImpactFinancial relief and communal solidarity, messages of condolence and support

Personal Note

Amid the descriptions of financial goals and updates on Lizette’s medical condition, the GoFundMe page also served as a space to celebrate Jorge Guillen’s life and character. A touching quote on the page read, “Jorge had a heart of gold and was always there for family and friends.” This sentiment was echoed in numerous comments and memories shared by those who knew him, painting a picture of a man deeply committed to his loved ones.

Further elaborating on Jorge’s character, the page noted, “The love they shared was one for the ages.” This statement reflects the deep bond between Jorge and Lizette, one characterized by mutual support, admiration, and a shared journey through life’s highs and lows. The couple’s relationship was frequently cited as an inspiration to those around them, symbolizing a partnership built on strong foundations of love and respect.

The personal anecdotes and quotes shared on the fundraising page provided a glimpse into the life of a man who touched many hearts and the devastating impact of his loss on his wife and their community. As funds continued to be raised and messages of support poured in, the GoFundMe page stood as a poignant reminder of the difference one individual can make in the lives of many and the collective power of a community to uplift its members during the hardest times.

GoFundMe PurposeFinancial support for funeral and medical expenses; celebrating Jorge Guillen’s life
Quote on Page“Jorge had a heart of gold and was always there for family and friends.”
Character DescriptionJorge was deeply committed to his loved ones, with a relationship with Lizette symbolizing mutual support and admiration.
Couple’s RelationshipDescribed as inspirational and a symbol of love and respect.
Community ImpactThe GoFundMe page served as a platform for shared memories and support, highlighting the community’s collective effort to support during tough times.

As the investigation into the tragic electrocution at the Sonoran Sea Resort continues, Lizette Zambrano’s condition remains a focal point of concern and hope. Following the incident, she was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, with the community and her family holding vigil and hoping for her recovery. Updates on her health have been cautiously optimistic, indicating a gradual but positive response to medical treatment. The resilience Lizette has shown is a testament to her strength, even as she faces the immense personal loss of her husband, Jorge Guillen.

The state attorney general’s office is actively pursuing the investigation to determine the cause of the electrical discharge that led to Jorge’s death and Lizette’s injuries. This inquiry is crucial, not only for providing the family with answers but also for ensuring such a devastating incident does not reoccur. Authorities are thoroughly examining the resort’s compliance with safety standards and the integrity of its electrical installations. The outcome of this investigation is expected to have significant implications for resort safety regulations and enforcement practices across the region.

The profound impact of this tragedy on the local community and the Guillen-Zambrano family is palpable. The incident has ignited a broader conversation about safety in resort facilities and has led to a reinforced community commitment to supporting one another in times of crisis. As the community rallies around Lizette and honors Jorge’s memory, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected challenges we may face and the importance of community solidarity in overcoming them.